Ghost Tracker Camera Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Ghost Radar Classic: Testing 2 phones

Testing "Ghost Radar Classic" on 2 android phones. This is personally the first time I've delved into this subject matter, though the idea/belief in spirits has ...

Does the Ghost Radar work? Ghost Hunting Apps.

In this episode, I take a look at a few ghost radars, as well as some other ghost hunting tools. Ghost radar, Ghost Detector Pro, EMF Meter and Ghost Hunting ...

Ghost Voice Catcher AUTO-EVP Recorder Android app demo

NOTE: Sorry for such a silly demo. never did one using the webcam before or showing my face! NEW GHOST HUNTING TECHNOLOGY! A totally NEW way to ...

The Best Ghost App "Ghosts And Spirits"

Android App "Ghosts And Spirits":

Free Ghost hunting apps that work

A series of videos that showcase some of the best free ghost hunting apps on pc and android. First we take a look at Paratek from AppyDroid. Sorry for rough ...

Android App review - Ghost Radar Classic - Paranormal Activity? You decide

Today I review the Application 'Ghost Radar Classic' for the Android platform. Supposedly it picks up paranormal activity and EVPs. It does show some orbs and ...

Ghost Cam Android App Review


TAYLOR'S VIDEOS: 1. 2. OPEN ME :) Hey guys, what's up!

Ghost Detector App Really shows a Ghost

Ghost Caught in Android App. I have found the link for the App:

The Best Spy App for Android 2016

Software is intended for legal purposes only. Check all applicable laws prior to installing. To learn more visit In this video we'll ...

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